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Custom Animal Traps

Custom Animal Traps

When it comes to trapping animals its extremely important to use the correct type of trap. As you can probably guess some animals are smarter than your average trap and it can take patience and the right hardware to get the job done. Critter Wranglers in Knoxville, TN likes to get the job done quick and efficiently with Comstock custom animal traps. These professional grade traps are rugged and get the job done quickly and humanely. When you choose a pest control company that uses custom traps, it allows the traps to be out right where the problem animal is eating or has set up their home, because of the custom sizing and shapes. Comstock traps has been proven to be effective in trapping all kinds of critters that call Knoxville home. Check out our blog to learn more about these custom traps!

Animal Trapping:

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Critter Wranglers has over 35 years of combined expertise when it comes to removing the Tennessee wildlife from your home!

We help our customers with more then just animal trapping; we also provide pest control services. We can make care fleas, crickets, roaches and more. Critter Wranglers offers a variety of service options from a one time pest control service to monthly service. Contact us to learn more!