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There is certainly no shortage of pests and wildlife here in Seymour. While many critters are cute to see from a distance, they can become more than just a nuisance when they invade your property or worse — they take up residence in your home or business. No matter what kind of critter problem you have, Critter Wranglers, LLC has the safest and most effective solution.

Our Services

Critter Wranglers has been providing pest control and wildlife removal services in Seymour for a combined 35 years. As a full-service pest control company, we offer an array of solutions that are designed to keep critters away from your home or business for good.

Pest Control

Pests pose a real threat here in Seymour year-round, thanks to the temperate climate and varied topography that makes Seymour such a great place to live. So whether you need an ant removal or insect control, we have you covered. Our pest control services include:

Pest Control Services

At Critter Wranglers, we understand that all pest problems are different and require a specialized approach, depending on the species, level of infestation, and whether or not the pest poses a recurring problem. That’s why we offer the following treatment options to best fit your needs:

  • One-Time Pest Removal Treatment
  • Monthly Pest Control
  • Quarterly Pest Control
  • Yearly Pest Control
  • Exterior Only Pest Control Treatment
  • Traditional Pest Control Service (Interior and Exterior Treatments)

Wildlife Control

Seymour is home to many different types of wildlife, and sometimes, these critters find their way onto your property or inside your home or business. In an effort to restore your safety and comfort, we offer the following wildlife control and removal services:

Other Pest and Wildlife Control Services

Along with removing pests and wildlife, we want to keep them from coming back. Here are some additional services we offer to do just that.

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From small to complex pest and wildlife removals, you can count on Critter Wranglers to make your Seymour home or business pest-free. When you search “pest control near me” or “wildlife removal near me,” contact us to request an inspection and we’ll provide you with a free quote. We look forward to helping you take back your property from unwanted pests and animals.


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