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Animal Proofing Service Knoxville TN


Many homeowners suffer every year from annoying animals reeking-havoc and causing damage on their homes. But there is a solution! When looking for Animal Proofing Services Knoxville TN, look to Critter Wranglers every time. Squirrels, raccoons, bats, and birds are all common animals that can leave a mess behind. Typically, homeowners refer to animal proofing services after damage to their attics, electrical wiring, roofs, or even porches. These unwanted pests can tear up insulation, chew through wiring, damage siding, or just leave a large mess from the nests they make, and the costs can really start adding up. That is why animal proofing is the most cost effective way to ensure your home is safe. Check out some of our repair examples. We pride ourselves on not only improving the security of your home from pests, but improving the overall cosmetic look of the property. Many wildlife control companies repair the damage with similar materials, however, Critter Wranglers uses stronger, more durable materials for animal proofing whenever possible.  Not sure if your damage is from wildlife? Contact us at 865-973-1095 for more information and to schedule a consultation. Also, check out our animal damage pictures to see if you recognize these tell-tale signs.

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