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How Do I Know If I Have Rodents in My House? What to Watch Out For

Given their stealthiness and the ease with which they slip through the smallest openings, rodents could very well be present in your house without you even knowing it. It’s an unnerving thought, especially since mice and rats can cause immense damage over time and may also spread life-threatening diseases.

Fortunately, there are some signs of a rodent presence in your home in Knoxville. Continue reading if you’d like to learn what to watch out for so you can be proactive about preventing rodent infestations under your roof.


7 Warning Signs of a Rodent Presence in Your Home

  1. Gnaw Marks – Part of the reason that mice and rats are so destructive is their incisors are constantly growing, forcing them to relentlessly gnaw on everything to file them down. Keep an eye peeled for gnaw marks on wood, furniture, and electrical wiring. Larger gnaw marks may indicate a rat infestation, while smaller gnaw marks are probably the work of mice.
  2. Droppings – A sure indicator that you have rodents in your house in Knoxville is the discovery of rodent droppings. Rats and mice defecate frequently with no regards to their surroundings. If you find small feces in remote areas of your home like the garage, attic or basement, it’s a certainty that rodents are active on your property. Smelling a strange musky odor that you can’t locate is a sign that you should start searching for rodent droppings.
  3. Strange Noises – Since rodents tend to avoid people and are most active during the night, you might hear them before you see them. While rodents aren’t particularly loud, you may hear them scratching and scurrying about in your walls or attic. They also make squeaking noises that you might be able to hear. When you start hearing strange noises like these, it’s time to set out some traps.
  4. Nesting Materials – Mice and rats build their nests from scraps of various things, such as grass, paper, fabric, and insulation. If you start finding shreds of these items bundled together and hidden away in remote places, it’s likely that you have rodents nesting in your house in Knoxville. When you find one nest, continue searching; there are probably more.
  5. Smudge Marks – Mice and rats have oily fur that can leave greasy stains on the surfaces they make contact with regularly. Seeing these “smudge marks” on walls or floors is a likely sign that you have a rodent problem in your Knoxville home. Smudge marks often appear around rodents’ entry points to your home, as well as any pathways that they frequent.
  6. Abnormal Pet Behavior – Cats and dogs have sharper eyes, ears and noses than we do, so they’ll probably notice a rodent presence before you do. When your pet begins showing unusual interest in a certain part of the home or seems to be hunting for something invisible, it could mean that there are rodents lurking out of sight. As soon as you notice this type of abnormal pet behavior, stay on the lookout for some of these other warning signs.
  7. Seeing Rodents – Obviously, if you see a mouse or rat scurrying through your house, you’ll know you have a problem. But you should also keep an eye out for rodents outside your house in Knoxville. If rats or mice are visible in your yard or garden, it’s likely that they’re living in your home; even if they’re not yet, there’s a high probability that they’ll move in at some point.


Have a Rodent Problem? We Can Solve It!

When you start to see the signs of a rodent infestation, it’s time to get the help you need to restore your home to a rodent-free environment. Give Critter Wranglers a call today if you’d like us to perform rodent control and exclusion services in the Knoxville area!