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Need Help to Get Rid of Wildlife? Call Critter Wranglers

From squirrels to raccoons, there are many wild animals in the Knoxville area that will enter homes, particularly during mating season. If you discover a wildlife presence in your home, you may be tempted to try to get rid of it yourself. Be careful; wildlife can turn dangerous when cornered, and killing or relocating certain wildlife species is illegal in Tennessee.

If you have a wildlife issue in your home, your best solution is to call a licensed wildlife control company like Critter Wranglers for animal removal services. To prevent wildlife from entering your home to begin with, make sure that dryer vents and other possible critter entry points are properly protected.

Matt Chitwood, owner of Critter Wranglers, spoke to Ellie Byrd of WVLT News about wildlife exclusion. You can watch the interview here. If you need help with wildlife removal in the Knoxville metro area, get in touch with Critter Wranglers today.