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How to Prevent Skunks from Coming in Your Yard


Have you been seeing skunks in your yard at night recently? You probably know skunks are prone to spray when startled - which can lead to smelly encounters for people and pets - and they can also be quite destructive to your property. Here are a few tips to prevent skunks from coming into your yard so you won't have to worry about them:


  • Skunks are often attracted to our yards by accessible food, so ensure that your yard is free of easy meals. Use tight-fitting lids on garbage cans to prevent skunks from rummaging through them. Consider using bungee cords or other straps to secure the lids if necessary. If you feed your dogs or cats outdoors, bring in their food bowls at night. Also, clean up fallen fruit from trees and scattered bird seed regularly to keep skunks from foraging on it.
  • Install motion-activated lights in your yard. Skunks are nocturnal and feel most comfortable in darkness, so motion-activated lights can be an effective deterrent. When the lights come on, it may startle skunks and encourage them to leave.
  • Install a fence around your yard, preferably one that is buried at least eight inches underground to prevent skunks from digging underneath. A skunk fence should also be at least three feet high and have no gaps to effectively keep skunks out.
  • Contact a professional skunk removal company in Knoxville for help with skunk exclusion. Trained wildlife control experts can install high-quality barriers to keep skunks out and offer additional advice on how to avoid attracting skunks to your yard.


If skunks have become a nuisance in your yard, connect with Critter Wranglers today for effective skunk exclusion solutions in the Knoxville area!

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