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What Do Raccoons in an Attic Sound Like?


While some critters that invade attics in the Knoxville area can be surprisingly stealthy, that's usually not the case with raccoons. These large animals can make quite a bit of noise and, sooner or later, you're bound to hear them in your attic.

How do you know that you have raccoons in your attic and not smaller wildlife, such as squirrels or mice? Because raccoons are relatively large animals, their movement can create loud thumping sounds, compared to the quieter skittering noises of rodents. You'll likely hear raccoon footsteps or the sound of claws on the attic floor. It's worth noting that raccoons are nocturnal, meaning they are more active during the night, unlike squirrels, which are most active by day. You're most likely to hear raccoons in the attic during the evening and early morning hours.

Raccoons also make a wide variety of vocalizations, including chirping and chattering sounds. These noises are often heard when raccoons communicate with each other, especially during the breeding season. You may also hear growling or hissing noises coming from your attic. This might happen if there is a confrontation between two raccoons or between a raccoon and another animal, such as an opossum.

Baby raccoons tend to be more vocal than adults. If you hear high-pitched whining or chittering sounds, this means there are almost definitely baby raccoons living in your attic. Mother raccoons may also communicate with their kits in this way.


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