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Rodent Control Maryville

Are you looking for rodent control Maryville? Look no further! Critter Wranglers is a family owned and operated pest and wildlife control company. Whether you live in the city or out of the city limits, it’s possible to have a problem with rodents. Rats and mice can squeeze through a hole as small as ¼ an inch. Rats can build their nests in lofts, attics, cavity walls, and under eaves. This can leave you with a mess of damage and rat droppings.

If you suspect you may have a rodent infestation, call Critter Wranglers today. We will help you eradicate the pest as well as prevent it from coming back.

Not only do we remove the unwanted animal from your home or work but we also make sure they cannot get back into the house. Animal proofing is just as important because without cleaning up the animal’s damage and make sure they cannot re-enter, they will return.

Whether it’s a one-time removal of a pesky rodent or you’re in need of a monthly pest control service, we’ve got you covered. With over 35 years of experience there isn’t a wildlife, rodent, or pest problem we can’t handle. We serve private residents, commercial spaces, and municipal accounts. Contact us today to learn more about rodent control Maryville.



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