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5 Secrets to Keeping Skunks Away from Your Home, Part 2

You may have noticed a smelly odor in the air in recent weeks. That’s because we’re right in the middle of skunk breeding season here in Tennessee. If you missed our last blog post, 5 Facts About Skunk Mating Season In Tennessee, we recommend reading this article to gain a better understanding of this smelly season and how to protect your home from skunks.

Today, we’ll pick up where we left off last time by sharing five more ways you can protect your yard, your home, and your loved ones from skunks. Think you already have a skunk problem? Contact Critter Control, Powell’s Top Rated Local® wildlife control experts, to schedule an inspection for a skunk removal.

5 More Ways to Keep Stinky Skunks Away

Keep the skunks away with these handy hints.

Seal Off Potential Den Sites

Skunks prefer to make their dens in places that are similar to their natural habitats in the wild. Generally, skunks will make their dens in the wild in forests borderlands, fields with a lot of brush and grassy fields. By building their dens underground, skunks can stay warm and protected from the elements, they are hidden from flying predators like owls, they’re able to come and go with ease, and they are closer to food and water sources.

Seal off potential den sites by filling existing holes in the ground, install fencing or deck guards to keep skunks from moving in under your deck, and ensure sheds and garages are secure and free of damage where skunks could enter. Talk to Critter Wranglers about pest prevention, animal proofing, and animal damage services.

Maintain Your Yard

Keep your yard clean with weekly maintenance. By cleaning up yard debris, clutter, and trimming back overgrown plants, trees, and shrubs, your yard is much more open, which could eliminate potential den sites and hiding spots for skunks.

Store Bird Food Securely

Skunks are drawn to any attractive food source, including bird food. If you have hanging bird feeders, bird baths, or bird feeders that are low to the ground, these could be enticing for a hungry skunk looking to set up a den near an accessible food and water source.

Be sure to always store bird food securely after refilling the feeders. Bring bird feeders in at night, especially those close to decks and patios. Empty bird feeders at night so skunks and other pests won’t drink from them.

Clean Up After Pets

Cleaning up after your pets is a sure fire way to keep all pests and rodents away — especially skunks during breeding season. Clean up pet waste and spilled pet food daily to keep skunks out of your yard. Additionally, pick up any dog bones, chews, and toys that may attract skunks into your yard.

Get Rid of Other Pests and Rodents

Finally, be sure to get rid of other pest and rodents problems that could potentially attract skunks into your yard, your shed, or garage.

Call Your Trusted Wildlife Control Team

If you think you already have a skunk problem, call Critter Wranglers! We’ll come out and inspect your home and property for signs of skunks. With your permission, we will carefully and safely remove any and all skunks from your home. In addition to skunk removal, we offer pest prevention services to seal off your home from potential skunk invaders. Call your Top Rated Local® wildlife removal experts in Powell.

Not located in Powell? No problem! We offer our pest and wildlife control services to a wide service area in Tennessee, including Knoxville, Louisville, Maryville, Alcoa, Friendsville, Louisville, Rockford, Seymour, and more!