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Hero Picture - How To Protect Your Home Against Raccoons

How To Protect Your Home Against Raccoons

The occasional raccoon sighting on the road is alarming; the real scare is when these critters start showing up on your property! Critter Wranglers is here to help with vital information on how to protect your home against raccoons. Learn more about our raccoon removal services today!

Use Your Home Resources

Believe it or not, the average home will have a few tricks up its sleeve to deter raccoons as the first line of defense. Raccoons are deceptively smart and will start testing the boundaries of your home and what they can get away with as soon as possible. If you have some form of timed function outside your home, such as lights or a sprinkler system, trigger them to go on a few times throughout the night. Motion sensor sprinklers work wonders here.

New Nightly Routine

Sometimes, the activities in our daily routine play a role in naturally attracting raccoons. Raccoon removal is a lot easier if you take the necessary steps to stop common attractive attributes in the first place. Consider doing and checking the following each evening:

  • Trash is well secured and only out leading into your routine garbage day
  • Any bird feeders aren’t hanging low with lots of excess food lying around 
  • Fenced areas are well connected; check for any potential openings or tunnels!

If you’re unsure about the signs of raccoons that require a change in your routine, know the signs for when you have a few unwelcomed visitors.

Hire a Professional

Finding raccoons next to your trash is easy to handle so long as you scare them away swiftly and don’t feed them. However, if you find a raccoon problem by the time they are already nested in your home somewhere, such as the walls or chimney, it’s best to call a professional. Key indicators of needing professional help include hearing consistent scratching noises at night and just seeing them more in general. Raccoons are always on the move until they can find a stable place to nest, which easily can be your home!

The Critter Wranglers Guarantee

Even after finding a method to get rid of your current raccoon problem, it’s easy for them to return without proper professional care and precautions. Get the right animal control services the first time. The experts at Critter Wranglers take care of the problem the first time while ensuring increased protection in the future.

Raccoons are never fun guests to have at your home. But, from trash disruption, spreading diseases, and infiltrating your very home, our technicians are just a phone call away to take care of this problem once and for all. With raccoon removal services in Powell and Knoxville – TN, Louisville – KY, Rockford – IL, and beyond, we strive to make each place cleaner and well protected for everyone.