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Knoxville Ant Control

Ants are a very common insect in Tennessee during the spring and summer months. The most common ones being carpenter ants, little black ants, fire ants and odorous house ants. Critter Wranglers has been helping the residents of Knoxville and the surrounding areas rid their homes and offices of these little pests. Our professional team has over 40 years of combined experience so you can rest assured that we can handle your ant problem quickly and efficiently.

Ants come into your home or office with a few goals in mind: shelter, food, and water. They will enter your home through cracks or small holes so, it’s important that you limit as many points of entry as possible. Don’t forget to replace the weather stripping on the doors! Don’t give them a chance to use your home for food and water! Keep all food in the kitchen and clean up spills quickly.

Critter Wranglers makes Knoxville ant control easy and we can customize our services to fit your needs. We offer monthly, quarterly, and yearly pest control. It’s also important to use a pest control service that takes care of the interior and exterior. Click here to contact Critter Wranglers in Knoxville, TN to learn more about our pest control services.



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