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Are you looking for ant control services in Powell?

You've probably already got ants living on your property in Powell and, once they learn your home has all sorts of good food inside, they'll start invading in hordes. If you see ten ants in your kitchen today, expect to find one hundred of them tomorrow.

Several species of ants live in Powell and all can become pests but some are worse than others. Fire ants can cause the most physical harm with their venomous stings but carpenter ants are the most destructive to houses, eating their way through wood until it is destroyed.

You can try to solve your ant problem on your own but you're unlikely to succeed. Stopping an ant infestation in Powell requires the work of your local ant control professionals.

A1 Ant Control

When ants start taking over your house in Powell, Critter Wranglers Wildlife & Pest Control will inspect your property to identify your ant species, their entry points to your home and their nesting areas. Your ant infestation may require just one treatment or recurring monthly applications to eliminate; either way, rest assured that our crew will get them all. Since other ants may someday invade your home, we'll keep them at bay by sealing any cracks which they could use to crawl inside.

Critter Wranglers Can Handle Any Ant Colony

Ants are a persistent nuisance that you shouldn't have to contend with in the comforts of your own home. Give Critter Wranglers a call today for the most reliable ant control services in the Powell area!

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